Our Mission: " Words Inspiring Action "

 Join our Movement! Speak4America started with the October 5th DFW-wide speech competition to become an online community where high school students are empowered to utilize their speaking talents to deliver 4-minute speeches about improvements projects that they want to inspire and lead in their school or community. These speeches are publicized through the Speak4America online platform where each speech may be celebrated and receive community feedback & support. While students might normally use their speech & debate talents for awards, Speak4America redirects those talents to inspiring real improvements in one's school or community. In this day of endless divisive ranting on CNN, FoxNews, and Twitter blaming "the other person" for the problems in America, the focus to write and perform a constructive and unifying speech is missing. It's time to have a student-led movement of take-charge enthusiasm calling for tangible volunteer projects and bringing people together. Speak4America has partnered with VolunteerNow, a Dallas-based provider of the volunteer management portal VOLY.org with 100,000s of volunteers looking to help, but only if you inspire and lead them. E pluribus unum: from many inspired actions we will improve our schools and communities, one by one, and make America better for all!

How S4A Works

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Here is me

With Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, during the opening of our garden at the St. Jude's homeless shelter in Dallas, TX.

Press Release

VolunteerNow to host Speak4America high school speech competition on October 5, 2019 in Dallas, TX promoting volunteerism

Feature Article by Dallas Innovates Magazine

"Speak4America: Competition Lets Students 

Use Their Voices to Inspire Volunteerism"

Why Join Speak4America?

Be the voice that inspires real action in your school or community! Let's do this to make a difference and get things done with volunteers! Let's do this to demonstrate and improve your speaking and leadership skills! Let's do this for love of your school, community, and country! Let's do this so your call to action will be publicized on the S4A online platform! For whatever good reason, let's do this! Click on this video below to hear S4A founder, Luke Blazek, introduce Speak4America!

John F. Kennedy's Call to Action

Check out this call to action video. No rants, no drama, no disrespect. Instead, JFK inspires a nation to go to the moon, not because it was easy but because by working together it could be done. His speech is clear, concise, compelling and confident. Similarly, we challenge you to deliver a powerful motivational speech about an improvement you want done at your school, and then step up to lead volunteers to get it done!  We are partnered with VolunteerNow, a nationally recognized non-profit with an army of volunteers here in DFW ready to help with your project, but you need to inspire them first. Your words can be the rocket fuel to launch your project and improve your school/community!

S4A Competition

What Was It?

To initiate this student-led inspirational speech movement, we hosted a DFW wide high school speech competition on Oct. 5, 2019 in which students from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area delivered 4 minute speeches about tangible improvements or projects they want to see done in their school or community. Check out these speeches in our "Gallery of S4A Speeches" and see if this sparks ideas for you to pursue at your school! You can always submit a 4-minute video of your speech through this website to let your voice, ideas, and leadership be heard! 

S4A and VolunteerNow Headquarters  

2800 Live Oak Street, Dallas, TX 75204

Where Do I Submit a Speech?

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