Spread the Word, Not the Virus

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S., Speak4America jump-started "Masks4America" as an initiative that utilizes the S4A online platform to allow student-leaders to inspire action and spread awareness among young people about the importance of wearing face masks. Below you will find a gallery of student-made speeches in response to this call for action, as well as some S4A inspired masks. Send in a Masks4America video speech to Speak4America@gmail.com today! #Masks4America

Madison, Wylie High School

Joseph, Midlothian High School

Gretchen, Wylie High School

Ridwan, Wylie High School

Alex, Thomas Jefferson High School

Kristin, Midlothian High School

Jeffrey, Wylie High School

Trevor, Midlothian High School

Michelle, Wylie High School

Justin, Wylie High School

Pollen, Berkner High School

Benjamin, Hyde Park High School

"Say it, but don't spray it!" Personalize your face masks!

While there are many ways to personalize your school face masks (including with a Sharpie...), click here for our favorite vendor who will print photos or any designs on your face masks.

Printing & shipping take 7-10 days.

"How to Make a Face Mask" Video Tutorial