Companies & Non-Profits: Get Involved with S4A!

If you are apart of a company, organization, or non-profit interested in working with any of the schools or speakers listed on this website, then please let us know how you can help. For example, your organization can (1) adopt one of our participating schools, (2) work with one of our speakers to give inspirational speeches at your events, (3) adopt a specific project listed in our Gallery of Speeches, (4) send us a volunteer project topic and we'll find a high school speaker for you, (5) create a related idea to brainstorm with us, or (6) donate to S4A or the project of your choosing. Let's work together!

Whether it's having your company volunteers work with any of the speakers/school projects, or hiring out our speakers to give an inspirational speech at your corporate volunteer function, then just let us know how your company can work with us. We'd love to create more Corporate + Schools partnerships!